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Due to higher fuel costs, there will be a surcharge of $20.00 for rentals 24 hrs. & beyond. If or when prices drop, we will remove the surcharge. We hated to add this additional fee.

About Us

About Us

We at Top Shelf Carts, offer you the best of the best!  From rentals to repairs to customization, we are your one stop shop.  Our carts are completely street legal and are perfect for your beach adventure or a fun ride around town!  All of our carts come with waterproof Bluetooth speaker, complimentary beach pass,cooler full of ice, and free beach side delivery.  
Top Shelf Carts offers lifted cart with an "off road look" and standard height carts for our customers with limited mobility concerns.  
Check out our rentals and book today to enjoy your vacation.

Please be aware that beach entrance availability is controlled by Volusia County Beach Tolls and not us here at Top Shelf Carts.  They can be closed for high tide or the beaches are at capacity.  If that should happen, use that time to go exploring our wonderful city and take in some of our amazing local restaurants, art galleries, museums, or just cruise and sight see!   All of our carts are street legal on any public road 35 M.P.H. or less.  

Golf carts are not allowed on A1A or U.S. 1 at all, this is only crossing at intersections.  If you are staying where you do not have access  to a cross street that allows you to travel legally in a 35 MPH zone you will need to park the cart in our parking lot free of charge overnight and drive your vehicle to your address.  New Smyrna Beach Police take driving the carts in an illegal manner very seriously and would hate to have your fun beach trip ruined with a ticket!

Just a reminder, Florida law also requires the same rules apply to the kiddos in car seats or boosters.  If the have to use one in a car, they have to use one in a cart.  The seats must be self installed as we cannot install for you due to insurance liability reasons.

* If any laws are broken or violating the rules set forth in the rental agreement are terms for termination of the rental.  There will be no refunds under those circumstances.

*We do not offer refunds for cancellations or early terminations of the rental from customer requests.  The carts are locked in and booked for those times requested. 
Thank you for understanding!!